June 1, 2012

White Summer

Last week was Pentecost and in the "fashion calendar" this means we are now allowed to wear white again - who ever started this tradition. I probably never kept it, but in honor of the official start of the white season, Katy of Modlychic asked us to share our opinion on wearing white for this weeks' Fashion Beauty Friend Friday.

white 1

I have to say that maximum 5% of my closet is white. All other items that come close to that color are nudes or pastel colored pieces. One reason might be that I am very pale, especially in winter, but also during the summer months I don't tan that much. I often only turn a bright pink and white just doesn't work with that. I do have a lot of nude pieces though and also love wearing them. The majority are shirts, blouses and tops as I got a pear-shaped body and try to keep the bottoms darker than my tops.

I rarely wear more than two light colored pieces at a time. I rather add one or two colorful items as the eyecatcher as for me summer is the time for bright colors. I try to wear all my really colorful skirts and dresses as they sometimes feel inappropriate for winter, but really work well in the warm summer months.

white 2

While browsing through my archives I did see a tendency of wearing a lot of white and nude accessories though. They are perfect for otherwise showcasing colorful outfits and taking away a bit of the extremeness. Still, white clothes are perfect for the beach, for hot summer days and especially those super cute flowy tunics with eyelets or lace are my favorites. I am still looking for the perfect one for this summer vacation!

Do you wear full white outfits in the summer or do you stick to one or two pieces like me?


AmberBlueBird83 said...

I dont think I've ever worn a full white outfit but that may change this summer if I can locate the perfect white summer dress :)

Kimberlee VDW said...

I think all white with a pop of color is a great look. I love that you wear white in the winter :)

fashionforgiants said...

Whoops.  Completely forgot about FBFF this week.  But, I really enjoyed reading your answers.

I don't wear very much white at all, summer or winter, but when I do, I definitely go the same route as you and only wear one or two pieces with something more colorful.


Nanne said...

You look lovely in your outfits! I particularly love the nude skirt and top with the red cardigan. I don't wear a lot of white either, mostly because it's not very practical for work:) But I can't wait to break out my white jeans and to receive the cream blazer I've ordered online. I
think I'll mostly stick with white and another colour, although I might try an all-white outfit, too:)

Anja said...

all-white is always a bit tricky, but combining it with another color is never wrong :)

Anja said...

Yeah, white in winter helps with the camouflage :) I guess accessories are ok, but I also love my nude shirts for winter - breaking the rules are great when it comes to this rule.

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