July 2, 2012


Summer seems to finally start - it's been so hot last week, but hey. Maybe I should not call out too loudly. It's also been raining a lot in between, so right now it's very humid as well. Often when leaving the house early in the morning, you are totally dressed wrong for the temperatures. This has happened several times to me these last weeks. It's especially hard when you got a job interview and need to wear that business suit in 30 degrees and humid air. I wore this outfit during one of those days. It looks rather breezy, but don't be mislead, the top is made out of the worst sticky material. Lucky for me it is black and no sweat can be seen.



Disregarding the temperature issue, this is one pretty nice outfit. The top is actually a dress (too short to be worn as a decent dress), but that extra material gives the bottom skirt a nice form and adds a decency feeling. No Marilyn Monroe moments with this combo!


What do you wear during really hot and humid days?


What I wore

Dress (worn as shirt): Sepällä, Finland
Skirt & Bracelet: Thrifted
Ring: Bijou Brigitte
Bag: Mr. & Lady Jeans
Shoes: Deichmann


We found these pretty blossoms while talking an afternoon walk - totally unexpected in the end of June, thought all trees were finished with their bloom.



brideblu said...

Love that skirt on you!  And, I totally agree with the weather lately ... it is the pits to try to get dressed in the morning since the weather (at least in Wisconsin) in the AM (nice and a bit cool) is totally different that what you come home to in the evening (super hot and humid)  Good luck with the interviews!!!!  xxCat

Rosy Rocha said...

awesome shoes! I love the chain purse. You look so happy out in the forest :)


fashionforgiants said...

Gorgeous photo location. That first shot is especially beautiful.  And I think this is the perfect outfit for a job interview in the summer.  Professional but still cool.

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