August 12, 2012

A special place

I think during my travels these last years, which include four different continents, I really fell in love with churches. They are architectural highlights on each of my trips and I try to search for more uncommon ones. Helsinki is no exception. Apart from the white and the Uspenski Cathedral, I have found one place to be a very special spot. Like Suomen Linna, I have visited the rock church on every of my visits to Finland. It calms me to go there, even though I was raised mostly without any faith. Still, I just had to take Mr.B for a visit this year as well and we really enjoyed it together. By accident we managed to get there when a pianist was playing and the accoustic was just breath taking.   



After listening for a while, just sitting there and enjoying the place, we went outside and climbed onto the top of the church. It has been built into the rocks and on the roof the architects have also built a little garden for the visitors. A perfect spot for a short break, a little picknick or in our case outfit pictures. 


As the weather has changed and the temperatures dropped from the 30s into the mid 10s, we changed our sightseeing looks from shorts to jeans and sweaters.



What I wore

Jeans: Long Fashion
Shirt & Top: H&M
Scarf: Thrifted, H&M
Ring: Bazaar in Brazil
Necklace: gift from my parents - from Malta
Earrings: Kitschcity
Shoes: Deichmann




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