August 16, 2012

Flowing breeze

Today is my first day at my new work and I feel a bit like back in the first grade at school. All is new, lots of things will probably happen that I can't even think about right now and I am a bit nervous that it all works out well. I am quite glad that there is a new wind, hopefully blowing me into a new direction in life. Can't wait for this new period to start, even though I am a bit hessitant to take all the steps needed. I guess, security will come with the next weeks and moths. 



Still, life feels quite good right now and I can't wait to see how this new job will also change the rest of my daily routine. These photos were taken prior to this day btw - it's not my work outfit ;) I felt so pretty in this look though and just needed to share it with you.


Those are also the first tryouts on outfit pictures with the new camera lense. Mr.B has taken those pictures and we both are still trying to adjust to the new lens and find pretty poses. I felt a bit like a ballerina in this outfit and it wasn't hard to twirl around on the field a bit!


What I wore

Skirt: H&M
Shirt & Belt: Thrifted
Ring: store in Finland
Watch & Cardigan: Heirloom by grandma
Shoes: Deichmann



Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear


Wish me luck for today!!


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