August 17, 2012

10 things to do in Finland & Helsinki - Part Two

This is the second part of my Finland series. I actually do most of these things during every of my visits!


5. Spend a weekend in the countryside

Should you come to Finland and plan to visit Helsinki, don't forget to explore the rest of the country as well. Something very traditional is a getaway trip to a wooden cottage somewhere in the countryside. A typical Finnish summer weekend is spent there with good food, sauna, BBQ in the evenings and swimming in the lake. Finland is a beautiful country with only about 5 Mio inhabitants. There is a big percentage of untouched nature that is perfect for hiking and fishing. Load your batteries there and then come back to the hustle of the capital area.

Kukkaismäki B&B

We enjoyed the time of the rallye in central Finland a bit more as we were staying in a little Bed & Breakfast called Kukkaismäki, near the city Jämsä. Very cute & traditional three-sided farm that was refashioned into a nice B&B with great rooms located in the side buildings, a dance barn, outdoor sitting areas and just a wonderful flair of the early years of the last century.

6. Enjoy the food

Finnish food is amazing and even though the country has inhabitants from all over the world, traditional food can be found everywhere as well. Of course reindeer meat is well known and very popular with tourists, as well as fresh fish, all kinds of casseroles and soups/stews. The traditional kitchen includes quite filling and heavy food to bring the people through the cold winters.


Some of my favorites are the sweet buns made out of yeast dough - mostly the traditional Korvapuusti. The best place in Helsinki to eat those is the Café and Bakery Esplanad close to the harbour. I once had the plan to try every of their sweet buns, I did not manage it though, as they always change their recipes and vary the different toppings. The most important fact is the size of the buns. They have probably tons of callories and can be a full meal. Perfect for people on the go as well!

7. Most beautiful sights

Of course one can't visit Finland without visiting the sights of the country. My favorite places in Helsinki might not always be the biggest sights, but some of course belong to that group as well.


- The Island Fortress Suomenlinna
- The Rock Church
- The seaside park Kaivopuisto and its' neighbouring harbour with     the Esplanadi promenade 
- The summer outdoor fleamarket at Hietalahti
- The White Cathedral

Enjoy Finland yourself and wait for Part III!


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