August 19, 2012

What I love right now No. 18

Our first weekend back home - I am currently preparing for my first classes next week, but wanted to share some of my current favorites with you!

I love this summer display at Fazer chocolate restaurant in Helsinki. Fazer is one of the biggest and most know chocolate companies in Finland and has a long history. 



This is my new favorite style for my dream apartment! Brick walls and white furniture!! Thanks to Nordic Bliss for sharing!

Victoria of SFGirlbyday once again made me want to move right into these pretty pink places (1 & 2) - thanks for sharing!

Lavender is currently my favorite plant. I have lavandula on my balcony and am a bit envyous of the one Mr.B's mom has in her garden. It's so pretty and perfect for some close up pictures. I even got some dried ones in our bed room.


Happy Weekend!


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