November 25, 2012

Peace of mind

These last months have been crazy hectic and the last week especially. Every day seemed to be full of plans with no time to breathe. I still need to adjust to my work schedule and it seems there is never enough time in a day. I get frustrated a lot and feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes. In all this chaos and mess, one person has always been there for me and I wanted to use this post to just say: 

Thank You Mr.B! 


You keep me sane when everything seems to go wrong or stresses me out. You put up with my bickering and calm me down when I am going crazy. It's been a wonderful 1.5 years so far and I want this life with you to continue for many years!


Those flowers were a gift from him last week, when we celebrated our anniversary. Thanks honey for always surprising me!


I in return got us a little treat from an amazing pastry shop in the city: strawberry cream fly agaric and raspberry tart!

Hold on to love and Happy weekend!


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