November 22, 2012

parents meeting the parents

For all those in longterm relationships, you probably know the three most difficult meet-ups in a young relationship - the girl meeting the parents of the guy, the guy meeting the parents of the girl and the hardest one: parents of both meeting each other. After more than a year of dating, Mr.B and I had decided that it was time to also manage this last step and we brought both our families together last weekend. I was quite nervous as this meeting also counted as our official moving-in party. The mister has joined me in my little apartment not too long ago and we wanted to show our "new" space to both our families as well. 


Of course HE wasn't nervous at all, but I really wanted it to be a special day. Long story short: it seems they liked each other!


For that special day, I baked my first cheesecake and we also made a hot chocolate fudge pudding with whipped cream for each guest. Those were the favorites of everybody and I might have to make them another time pretty soon!


My mom gifted us with those lovely flowers and a handpainted tray for our new space. Mr.B's mom also got us a wonderful bouquet and a gift card to one of my favorite dish shops. Let's see what we can find there!


Happy Thursday!


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