December 29, 2012

Christmas Holidays 2012 - The food

In Germany, the food at Christmas is always amazing and something really special for every family. Everyone has traditions and that also includes a certain kind of food. Something that is similar for most families - a lot of cabbage (red and white) and dumplings. There are different kinds, made out of cooked or raw potatoes and flour. 


As we visited both my and Mr.B's families for the holidays, we also had the double amount of food! It tasted all amazing and I  am still feeling kind of stuffed today.


My mother made some great desserts for us!

We had goose with cabbage and dumplings on Christmas Eve at my parents' place and then later rabbit and chicken (for me) with cabbage, dumplings and a wonderful mushroom soup made by Mr.B's mother. I don't eat rabbit out of ethical reasons and I was very thankful for my chicken leg instead. The mushroom soup was the best for me though. It is very traditional for our region and is only made at Christmas! I need to get that recipe and make it myself at some point!


Christmas Day continued with duck and some assorted fixings like mentioned above and during the second day of Christmas, we enjoyed some wild pig.


Christmas is also full of sweet cookies, traditional fruit loafs and pyramid cake, my personal favorite!


I hope you had some great during the holidays as well and enjoyed the time with your families. Do you have any special food traditions in your country/family?


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