January 22, 2013

Reader question: tall girls in high heels?

A while back (and excuse me for answering this question so late), I was contacted by one of my lovely readers with a question about my style and how I incorporate heels into my looks. 


I am 6'2'' tall (or 1,92cm) and I do love my height. It has taken me years to really appreciate it and I have to admit that my teenage years were quite difficult for me. I was always the tallest girl in my class (of only girls) and was often mistaken as the student teacher instead of being a student. I had difficulties finding clothes that fit me well and that flattered my hourglass figure and for a long time I stopped dressing fancy alltogether. 

Only after high school did I discover fashion as a means to accentuate my features and I started wearing dresses, skirts and even bought my first pair of heels, kitten heels that is :) My boyfriend at that time felt disturbed by a taller girlfriend and I left it at that. Only when I was single again, I bought really high heels, loved the feeling of them and promised myself to never date a guy again that would prohibit me wearing something like heels or else. I myself  did not care that I was taller than the guys. With my highest heels, I am about 2m tall and I do get a lot of looks. 


It was a weird feeling at first and those 10cm heels aren't the most comfortable, but I have found a couple of heels at around 6cm that fit well and feel extremely comfortable. 

When I met Mr.B, I told him about my love for heels right away, maybe at the 4th date :) and he has been fine with being some cm shorter than I when I wear them. He actually encourages me to wear them. We are about the same height without heels, but with them I am definitely taller. He loves looking up at me and I adore him for giving me my fashionable freedom! Who cares about height differences when there is love anyways. Look at all those tall ladies out there like Nicole Kidman or Iman. They both date shorter guys and seem happy!


I would like to encourage every tall lady out there to wear some heels no matter how tall they will make you. Heels look pretty on every girl, they make a long and slim leg and they give you a feminine walk and posture. Please don't wear them every day, all day, to give your joints a rest from time to time, but wear your heels if you feel like it.


I can only say that there is the perfect heel height for every girl out there. I have read this article written in the daily mail uk and for me it definitely works. My perfect heel is between 5 and 6cms and since knowing that, I have found several pairs of heels that feel great on me all day long.


My most comfortable pair of all!

I do prefer wide heels or wedges, the thin heels give me less comfort and make it harder to balance my tall figure. Otherwise straps for support are key! I love boots especially, as they give the best support!



I hope this has answered the question of my lovely reader S. and I wish that more tall girls will wear some heels in the future no matter what the world will think!

Oh, I do own pretty flats as well. All together my shoe collection includes about 50 pairs and lots of them are ballerina flats. 



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