January 27, 2013

DIY - Bedroom makeover - dressing table

This year, I finally managed to fulfill one of my longtime girly dreams. I got a dressing table in our bedroom. I have been in love with the Hemnes dressing table from IKEA since the day I first saw it years and years back. I have been dreaming about it ever since and during the last 6 months have been seriously looking for a cheaper, but also chic version. After several disappointments, I ended up with my original dream. 


For my birthday, I got gifted with a part of this table plus transportation and installation by Mr.B. I just love this guy! With all my birthday money, I only needed to add a very small amount to the final payment and now have my dream come true standing in our bedroom. 




Apart from its' pretty looks, it also functions really well. Mr.B and I get in trouble every morning when we need to get ready for school and work at the same time. Our bathroom is tiny and has been a big discussion point, especially on my side. Therefore this table gives me space to do my make up in the morning, while the mister is in the bathroom. Less trouble, more harmony and oh so girly!!


We are now working on some indirect lights behind the mirror to give me better lighting in the dark winter mornings. 


BTW: The green dresser has of course survived the makeover and is now located in another corner in our bedroom. I am currently painting that little wooden storage box, also from IKEA, to make it look a bit more classy and will share the final look of that corner soon as well. 



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