March 28, 2013

Pear and chocolate tartelets

With easter right around the corner, I have been thinking about menus and especially deserts. We will be spending most of the time with the family and don't have to cook ourselves, but I do want to participate in the preps and therefore am planning some deserts. One simple but very tasty recipe are those chocolate tartelets.

I love this recipe. It is simple and tastes awesome and oh the outcome looks like you put hours and hours into those little tartelets!
I used the recipe from my favorite baking book - Die wunderbare Welt von Fräulein Klein , but you can find it also on her blog and can translate it there.


First, I used my new tartelet forms by Tchibo. They have a loose bottom and have a anti-stick coating. They come in cute pink and orange and have become the new stars in my kitchen! The recipe asks for 6 Tartelet forms, but mine are slightly bigger and so I made 4 and a small extra cakelet. Just didn't want to trow out the extra dough.



For the cake base

100g butter
50g powdered sugar
180g flour
40g grounded almonds
1 egg
1Tbsp cocoa powder

For the filling

1 big pear
2 eggs
200ml cream
100g dark chocolate
1pck vanilla sugar


First mix the egg and butter together with an electric mixer. Add the butter and mix thoroughly until it gets foamily. Mix the coacoa powder, almonds and flour with a sieve. Then slowly add it to the dough. Mix everything by hand (my tip as I tried it with the mixer and failed). Then put the dough into the fridge for about 1h. 


While the dough is in the fridge, prepare the filling. Melt the butter and add the cream. Heat it up and add the chocolate and the sugar. Don't let it boil. Turn off the heat when the chocolate is melted. Let it cool for a bit and add the eggs. Gently stir the mass, be careful not to stir too hard. 

Afterwards, grease the tartelet forms, form small round pieces of dough and add them to the forms. Be careful to not make the bottom too thin or too thick, otherwise the tartelet bottom breaks or will be too dry (ours almost turned out too dry but worked ok with the cream). Slice the pear (a ripe one is best) into thin pieces and add them to the bottom of the tartelets. Then top it with the liquid filling. Stop maybe half a cm from the top as the mass will grow just a bit. This also will give your tartelets the typical pie look.


Bake everything for 20-25min in the oven at 150 degrees. Check in the end to make sure it doesn't burn or gets too dark. 



We added whipped vanilla cream to the top!



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