May 9, 2013

Keep up to date

I just wanted to let you all know–who haven’t heard–that Google Reader will be shutting down by July. This doesn't mean that Google Friend Connect shuts down, but those of you that follow this blog via Google Reader might not me able to read all your favourite blogs anymore the way you like it. I have been using Bloglovin since starting to read blogs 4 years ago, but it is not for everyone. I just wanted to remind you that you need to find one new way to keep up with your daily reads. 


I can recommend Bloglovin and they offer a fast and easy way to transfer your Google Reader blogs to your account there. You can follow A Heart and Soul Story there as well.

Follow A Heart and Soul Story

Some other ways I heard about, but haven't tried myself:
- Feedly - most known 
- Pulse - very good for Adroid users
- Twitter - apparently you can follow blogs there as well!
- a.o.


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