June 18, 2013

2013 - 100 things to throw out challenge

I have been an avid reader of the blog Makeunder my life by Jess Lively. I even made her a part of my masters thesis and it was so fun to talk with her on blogging. (If you read this, thanks again Jess!)

Her throw out 100 things challenge inspired me to clean out my house as well. I did manage about 50 pieces, though I counted several pieces together when they fit into a similar group.


1 . old packaging for makeup brushes that I had saved for travels
2. old bandaids I am allergic to and old floss that hurts my gums
3. facial brush that doesn't do the trick on my face
4. glitter powder for the face - so 90s
5. turquoise dried up mascara and matching eyeliner
6. old lipsticks that just don't fit me
7. old brushes and stencils that came with sets
8. lipgloss that is just too stick
9. eyebrow gel - don't use it anymore
10. tryout lipstick I just won't ever use


11. old watches and cuffs
12. earrings
13. brooches
14. bracelets
15. rings


16. scarves
17. hat
18. boots - don't fit well on my calves
19. gloves


20. coat
21. dress
22. shirts
23. blouses


24. candles
25. waterproof box for phone - mine is too big now
26. incense
27. a kettle I never use
28. egg whip - got the good one from Tupperware now
29. two leftover bowle glasses - got a full new vintage set
30. grater - got my old ones back out, they are much better
31. old cookie cutters (that hurt a bit)


32. Calcium fizzy tablet - with lactose, hate that taste!
33. fabric softener that always plugs my washing machine
34. hair milk that makes my hair heavy
35. rubbing alcohol - got more somewhere
36. odol - we never use it
38. cook book fo students - never used it
39. some fiction


40. lactose chocolate
41. old soup
42. old jelly
43. African oil that got bad
44. pina colada - with lactose
45. some mix for lemonade - urg!


46. old skirts
47. red tights

It actually feels awesome to finally do that Spring cleaning. A little late, but my closets are organized, my kitchen cupboards cleaned out and I got rid of some old place holders. Of course it also makes room for new stuff and it is tempting. I try to stay away from shopping, but of course it never works totally. Still am glad to be rid of most of those things. Just some almost broke my heart, but I got too much stuff around and some things just have to go. Some of the clothes for example hold a lot of memories and it is hard to give them away, but maybe another person can still get some use out of them.

Did you do a similar cleaning or are you still planning on doing one?


Jess Lively said...

Bravo!! Your exfoliation looks great! : )

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thx so much! Your posts just always help!

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