June 29, 2013

Beauty Saturday - My Top 3 Summer Blushes

It took me quite some time to discover the great things a nice rouge can do to your face. I count myself to the pale faced girls out there and blush has changed my look completely. In the morning I look somewhat like a ghost and it's blush that gives me some freshness for the day. 


I have discovered powdered blushes some time back and I stuck with one or to shades that worked well for me. Only recently did I discover how different shades and consistencies can help me look fresh, rosy or sexy.


For the summer heat, some of my blushes just won't work and during the warm summer months, I tend to use different products than in the cold winter time. Diana of the I need sunshine blog has asked fellow bloggers and readers to share their Top 3 summer blushes and here are my choices.

Meine Top 3 Sommerblushes

First up is the Make Up Store Blush "a touch of peach", which I bought during my trip to Stockholm. I discovered dis brand while living in Finland, but have only tried the eyeshadows until now. This is my first blush from their brand and I bought it specifically, because I was in search of a nice apricot color for summer.


The second one is the Sleek Make up Blush "Rose Gold 926". It has such a nice shimmer to it and changes color with the light. Once is totally beachy and the next second it has a golden shimmer. Awesome and my current favourite!


The last one is from a German brand called Catrice (my favourite drug store brand). It's "CO2 Picked Cherry Blossoms" from the Neo Geisha LE and is a bit brighter. It is the only blush that stays in place during hot and humid weather. It's a cream blush and works as lip and cheek color. I have had issues applying it in the beginning, as it doesn't blend easily and one can easily use to much. But now I got the hang of it and it is such a nice color that I sometimes wear as a light rose and sometimes as a deep pink cheek color.  


Do you have a favourite blush for summer?


i_need_sunshine said...

Thank you for your participation :-) Really nice selection! I like the pink colour of the catrice neo geisha blush and the golden shimmer of rose gold :-)

AHeartandSoulStory said...

vielen Dank. Deutsch ist auch ok, ich schreib nur mein Blog auf Englisch. Danke auch für den lieben Kommentar. Macht Spass, mitzumachen. Finde dein Blog Klasse und werd sicher wiedermal teilnehmen!

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