June 11, 2014

A new kind of suit



I love fashion and have never been shy when it came to trying out something new. When Long Tall Sally contacted me about their new summer collection, I became a little hesitant though. They got so many lovely pieces and this summer is focusing on long and flowing pants, skirts and rompers. I havent worn a romper or overall ever since I left primary school and wasnt sure at all about this style. For a couple of summers, bloggers have been showing off their short romper versions and I never wanted to try it, but now I was really tempted. As I happened to be in Berlin during that time, I tried them out at their local store and quickly fell in love with this fancy version. The others have beautiful prints, but just seemed too loud for me. 


I am planning to wear this beauty to one of the summer weddings that I have been invited to this year and therefore tried out a fancy styling. I just added a couple of accessories as the overall should get all the attention. I especially like the combination with my pretty blue scarf that I bought over 10 years ago in London. The overall itself fits nicely, and looks extremely fancy, perfect for a wedding. The lace detail is my favorite and I really like to show it off with bare shoulders. I hope to get a little tan prior to the big celebration though, so the lace will be even more visible. As this is such a fancy piece, I will try to dress it down in another post and hope that I can also make it fit for work!



What I wore
Overall & Belt (Overall & Gürtel: Long Tall Sally *
Earrings (Ohrringe): Kalevala
Scarf (Tuch): Accessorize
Shoes (Schuhe): Deichmann
Clutch (Tasche): vintage, heirloom
Necklace (Kette): JessLC
Hairband (Haarreif): no name

* PR Sample



If you are tempted now as well to try this overall style for yourself, go out there and visit one of their local stores. Just now, they opened a new one in Munich and you can find them in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf as well. And should you have no store close by, go and check out their online website. I always order there.



natashaufl said...

Lovin' the 'lil bit of lace :)

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

mark a. said...

ooo--now that is one snazzy suit!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thx for your sweet comment and oh what a sweet picture!

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