July 19, 2014

China Travel No.1 - Beijing and First thoughts

China is a huge country and when I heard of my work project, I was hoping to also get to see Beijing. It’s about 1300km north of Jiaxing, the place I am currently teaching at. I was lucky and had a few days in Beijing prior to the start of the project.



I stayed at the beautiful Kingrand hotel in the centre of Beijing and enjoyed my time there a lot. Of course, most of my time, I was a tourist and visited all of the interesting sights, but at night, I had this wonderful room to relax in.



During my first evening in the city, one of my students and her parents took me out for Beijing duck dinner! It was amazing! So delicious and they cut the meat directly at our table. A wonderful experience. Should you ever visit Beijing, you have to try it!


Later that night, we visited the Olympic park. Beijing hosted the summer olympics in 2008 and the park is one of the big attractions now in the city. It is best visited during the night as all the buildings are lit up with lights and the place is not so crowded anymore. Also for me, it was good to get used to the heat. Even during the night the temperatures barely dropped below 30 degrees. 







Finally, we visited the old town of Beijing. There is an area that is well known as the party area of Beijing. Several bars, caf├ęs and restaurants are located around small ponds. One can also just relax here, go on a boat ride and enjoy light breezes during the night.



This is one of the oldest restaurants/buildings in the city! 


I hope you liked this first tour around Beijing. I am also planning to show you some other places that I am currently visiting in the upcoming posts.


mark a. said...

wow! this is very cool, anja!

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