December 3, 2014

DIY - Handmade Christmas gifts


This year like every year, I try to give thoughtful gifts to friends and family members. I am still working on my presents for this season (still a secret!), but wanted to share my little DIY projects from last Christmas with you!

1.Cookie recipe in a mason jar
I gave this cute little gift to several friends and family members. It is something different and a lot of fun for them as they can decide themselves when they want to enjoy this little gift from us. We gave it to people that enjoy baking and hope they will have fun and think of us while doing it. The recipe is from Frl. Klein and her lovely book "Weihnachten mit Frl.Klein" that I got as a little gift from Mr.B a couple of weeks back.


2. handmade cookies
I always bake a ton of cookies and we give them to grandparents, aunts and uncles that rather eat than bake the cookies. It's a little something even for those people that never want a gift or don't need anything. It's thoughtful and nice to bring something and our cookies are made with love and taste well :) Recipe by Frl. Klein once again (see above) - adapted by me.
This year, my friend J. helped me with the baking and she is also the master with royal icing. The cookies have never looked that good!





Apart from the royal icing and sprinkles, we also made some  double and triple decker cookies with nougat filling. I got the idea from Frl.Kleins second book that I already own since last year! I used the basic cookie recipe and after baking added the nougat in between. Finally I dusted the cookies with cocoa powder.





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