March 19, 2015

Beauty - Top 3 Make up palettes

It has been a while since I posted my last beauty post, but that doesn't mean that I don't like make up anymore. I was once again inspired by Diana and her blog I need sunshine. She asked other bloggers to share some beauty favourites. This time it is make up palettes, my absolute favourite topic to date!!



I actually have to say that I only have 6 palettes at home, so picking the 3 favourites wasn't so tricky, but it is still a topic that I have hoped to share for a while. I often step away from buying palettes as they generally don't fit my needs. I do appreciate sparkly shades, but also use some matte tones for the outer corners and it has been quite difficult to find good palettes that fit all those needs. The 3 pieces that I picked also rather stand for the brand and a lot of their palettes in general.

3rd runner up - Sleek Vintage Romance

It was one of my first palettes and I am still totally in love with the color scheme, the intensity of the shades and the quality in general. Sleek is one of my favourite brands when it comes to high pigmented shades (and blushes as well). I don't like a lot of their color combinations in the palettes though. Often I like only some and the others would be unused. That's the main reason why I haven't bought more than two (the other one is Storm).



2nd runner up - Urban Decay Naked 3

I have been eying this palette from the moment I spotted it on Instagram in Fall 2013. It was the perfect palette for me. Rose and golden tones, subtle colors and the raved about quality. Some time in Spring 2014, I finally bought this beauty and have used it all the time ever since. I do love most of the shades. I have some issues with Dust and Trick as they give quite some fallout when applied dry, but of course they are beautiful. Blackheart is the darkest shade and I just rarely have the need for such a deep tone. I've almost hit the pan with some tones already, I guess that says it all! I also own the Naked Basics 2 and am still thinking about the original Naked palette, BUT I recently discovered my number 1 and this might actually make the Urban Decay palettes unneeded.




1st - Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate 

I recently read about Makeup Revolution, a low budget makeup company that has managed to launch several palettes that are great dupes for bigger brands. I do love me a good original, but when I can get something a little cheaper with similar quality, I do try it out. I think the Naked Chocolate palette should be a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bars. They are not easily attainable in Europe and this cheap version really does the work just fine for me. The first palette where I have used and love ALL shades. That says something about the product. Since buying it in January, I've rarely used other shades.






Also check out the other participants over at Diana's blog or still share your own choices there or here with me. Any tips for my next palette?


Steffi Stachowiak said...

sehr hübsche Paletten =) meine Sleek Vintage Romance ist leider noch unangetastet :D args

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Oh, aber du hast ja auch mega viel Auswahl daheim, da kann ich mir das gut vorstellen, dass du sie noch nicht benutzt hast. Vielleicht findet sich ja doch mal ein Moment, vor allem die Aubergine und Bordeaux Töne sind toll!

PiranhaPrinzessin said...

Das ist eine tolle Auswahl! Warum hab ich von der MakeUp Revolution Palette bisher noch nichts gesehen? Sooo hübsche Farben <3

Liebe Grüße

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