December 23, 2015

Christmas Lipsticks - red shades


It's the season for bold red colors. I love me a bright red lip, but often feel the occasion is not right. Well, if not at Christmas when should I wear it. Here are my favourite red lipsticks. As I am cool-toned, most of my lipsticks have a blue undertone. For those yellow-based ladies out there, I can recommend this post by Vivianna does Makeup



Catrice "Red Butler" from the Hollywood's Fabulous 40s Limited Edition

A matte red lip with a blue undertone, really difficult to put on as you have to be really exact, but oh what a look!!



Chanel Rouge Coco "Arthur" 440

An orange red, quite a bright color, but not as opaque and very forgiving. An everyday red and that texture is just wow, well done Chanel - I need more of those!



Etude House "RD 302"

A red with a pink undertone, very bright as well and one of my lipsticks that really scream "Hello there!"Something I don't wear too often, but it is a wonderful color, a little drying texture, but that packaging is so worth it. Got it during my time in China, as it is otherwise not so easy to buy in Europe.



Catrice "Alluring Red" from the Metallure Limited Edition

Another Catrice limited edition. Not as opaque and very light on the lips, bleeds a bit, but is still such a pretty color. The packaging as well! You can see how much it has lost color as it has been a constant in one of my handbags!!



MAC "Ramblas Red" Amplified Creme Lipstick

My first red lipstick and my biggest love even today with a big collection of all kinds of lipsticks (it's still my only MAC!). A classic red for me with a blue undertone. It works so well with my skintone and will probably be my pick for this Christmas once again.



Catrice Ultimate Stay "Red Red Shine" 100

I love this lipstick range. Catrice is a drugstore brand, not a lot of their lipsticks work for me, but this range is BANG! I've got almost all shades at home and here are two red tones in my favourites. This first one, that is a very bright red lip. Like the name says a true red with some shine. Very pretty, but a little difficult to apply. Needs a little care, firm hand, prepped lips, but then it looks awesome!



Catrice Ultimate Stay "PassionRed" 080

This second one is a little more on the blue-pink side and is my favourite. I really think that it suits me so well. Very creamy to apply, forgiving on the lines, doesn't bleed and stays put for several hours. What more does a girl want - kiss proof. Well, no, it doesn't. I still have to find a great kiss proof red lip. Any suggestions?




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