April 1, 2016

Black, White and Blush Pink


It's April and I finally want to wear all my lovely maxi skirts again. They are a bit of an issue in rainy and snowy weather. So hello there April - well, so I thought and woke up to a white skyline today! No joke! Yesterday, I walked around in 12degrees in my leather jacket and today, I could use my winter coat. April, you are not good to me so far! These photos were taken before Easter, when it was already nice and warm for a couple of days. Love the black and white look and my blush pink leather jacket works really well as a highlight.



What I wore

Shirt: Primark
Necklace: heirloom
Ring: Glitter
Shoes & Bag: Deichmann




Jodie Filogomo said...

Love this outfit---that jacket is gorgeous. It almost looks like denim--the fit is perfect! jodie

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thanks so much Jodie. Yes, isn't it weird, that this looks a lot like denim. Haven't thought of it, but as you mentioned it, I could definitely see your point. Which is fitting, as a denim jacket is more like a cardigan to me, nothing I take off indoors, but a leather jackets feels more like an outdoor thing. This pretty number though, I don't want to take off! It is part of the look and I wanna keep it on all day :)

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