December 11, 2016

windy and warm Winter




Coming from a city close to the mountains that used to have tons of snow every year, this Global Warming feels so wrong especially around Christmas time. I miss the snow and the icy cold nights, the frosty windows and walks around winterwonderland. Sadly it seems we will have another warm Christmas season. On the one hand, it is really surreal as I am used to this time of year freezing my bud off at the Christmas market and right now am wearing dresses and skirts with tights to work every day. On the other hand, Christmas and Winter just seems so weird without the snow and it's just so dark and gloomy. I am not sure the warm temperatures can warm my heart for green Christmas. This outfit though, would not be possible in Dezember if it wouldn't be this warm, so definitely loving the opportunity. I am wearing my new rosé colored college jacket and a top without sleeves! Added my patent leather Mary Janes and the ballerina skirt that is always a favourite!


What I wore

Skirt & Ring: H&M
College Jacket and Shirt: Primark
Bracelets: Glitter
Bag: vintage
Shoes:  Deichmann
Tights: Esda






Patti said...

Beautiful look - and I love, love your ring. I know, it is strange to have warm Christmas (although we usually do here in Florida!). Thanks for linking, xo


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