January 23, 2018

Winter is in town


Winter is my favourite season. I am a winter child, was born in January and love me some snow. I always wish for snow during Christmas, but these past years, we almost never had snow for that wonderful time of the year. Luckily Mr.B and I moved to a small village in the mountains last summer and this also means more snow!! So while everyone in my old hometown is dreaming of those white fields, we got them right in our backyard. It's beautiful, but of course brings some hassles as well, like to shovel snow. But Mr.B grew up with that and says it's a good workout, so I rarely have to do it myself. The snow makes for a great backdrop though and I got inspired to show you more outfits on this little blog once again. It was a bit more quiet here in 2017, due to our move and missing time, but I feel a lot more inspired now and want to get into a more frequent rythm once again. So here it goes, my first snowy post for 2018.


I wore my pretty tartan skirt by Vivien of Holloway and added a cardigan by the same brand to the look. Red and purple/green work really well together and that cardigan is an awesome staple in my wardrobe. I do need to add a couple more to my closet, as they got so many pretty colors. The wintery look wasn't complete without a woolen hat and scarf. This set was handmade by my mom. She is such a great crafter and I love all her knitted things. The brooch is something special that gives the cardigan a little something something. It was given to me by my mom and she got it from her mom at some point. Definitely a nice hand me down. I'll treasure it forever.


What I wore

Cardigan & Skirt: VivienofHolloway
Shirt: no name
Scarf & Hat: handmade by mom
Bag: gift, Aldo
Shoes: Deichmann
Bracelet: thrifted
Brooch: heirloom
Tights: Esda







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