September 17, 2012

DIY - New kitchen floor

A while ago, I posted about my new kitchen wall. Today, I want to share the second part of the kitchen DIY. We decided to redo the floor as well. As we couldn't move the furniture out of the room (They would probably fall apart as they are well used vintage pieces!), we had to build the flooring around the cupboards. We bought a long piece of thick linoleum. Parquet wouldn't work in the small corridor and tiles are not allowed by the janitor. I did pick a linoleum with an old timber piling look in a medium brown tone. 



What you need

carpet knives (bent and straight blade)
folding rule
carpet tape

When you buy the linoleum, make sure to measure the space in advance. Add about 10-20 cm on each side as you need to fit it under the edges of the furniture and you don't want to see visible cutting lines. 


This is not the hardest DIY, but it needs a steady hand and some patience. Before you start cutting, make sure any prints are straight. For my floor it was important that the prints are showing into the direction of the entrance, so any guests would be able to read them. Afterwards, start cutting rough edges with the round blade and check that all sides have still enough material left. Then cut the edge that is most visible first and fit it to the floor. Use the straight blade to keep even borders.

Try to leave 1-2cm more than the borders of the furniture and sqeeze the material under the edge. If it doesn't stay put, add a small piece of carpet tape to the material and stick it to the floor. You can also add a border to hide the edges like I did with a metal border. It also saves the material from fraying. 


And the final result!


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