November 1, 2012

Early Winter walk

The day of Halloween is also a holiday in my part of Germany. It is Reformation Day, celebrating the Christian reformation through Martin Luther in the middle ages. We spend the day cleaning out the garden and preparing it for winter. In the afternoon, Mr.B took me on an early winter walk and we enjoyed some of that sunshine before carving our pumpkin in the evening.



Most of the snow that from last weekend has melted by now, but it still sits on some of the stones and gives the forest a winter look.


Anja_A Heart and Soul Story 1

I decided to wear one of my woolen winter dresses and added my new red/black gingham shirt and a black/grey cardigan to the look. It was quite cold already, but those thermo tights really kept my legs warm! 


What I wore

Coat: Eddie Bauer
Dress, Cardigan & Shirt: C&A
Scarf: Ergora
Belt: H&M
Hat: gift from my parents, Verona/Italy
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Bag: Thrifted



How did you spent Halloween?


Anonymous said...

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Svemrr said...

Hi Anja. I love the pictures... beautiful place, quality and look. If you like my blog,, maybe we can become mutual fans. What do you think? (I found you through Fashion Treatment

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