December 2, 2012

Christmas season - snow season

Last week, the Winter finally arrived right on time for the start of the Christmas season. Sadly it also brought crazy travel conditions for all those travelling a longer distance to and from work. On Thursday, my normal travel schedule (3hours every day) turned into 8,5 hours. Not too nice and I was glad that the streets were free of snow by Saturday. I wanted to do some Christmas shopping and also give Mr.B some peace and quiet and let him prepare projects for his studies. 



I wore this look for my shopping trip and first visited my favorite vintage store. I was lucky enough and made some great finds. I will share those soon. I love wearing skirts when I go shopping, as it is so much easier to change in the fitting room when you don't need to take off the shoes every time. Also, when wearing tights, everything looks so much more polished the moment you put it on.


Those boots have been the best purchase last year. I have had dry feet every day last winter and hope this continues troughout this year as well. They are not overly fashionable,  but very comfy and practical. When comparing practical vs. stylish - what would you pick?




What I wore

Cardigan, Ring & Skirt: H&M
Bracelet: Sepällä, Finland
Shirt: Gina Tricot
Gloves: gift from mom
Scarf: Pieces
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann


BTW: This is a frozen clothing line outside our house! Wow, so cold!


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