December 20, 2012

Sled ride

The week is almost over and Christmas is finally here. I guess a lot of people feel the same way that the preparations for the holidays and the work seems to never end. I can see some light at last and am getting into the Christmas mood. Sadly, all the snow has melted since last weekend. That takes away a bit of the spirit. I still am in hope for a white Christmas. Last weekend, Mr. B and I took the chance and went for a short, but sweet sled ride on the fields behind his house. We also used this oportunity to take some lovely outfit pictures. 


I am not a big fan of skiing, better to say that I have no idea how to, at least downhill ski. Lucky for me, Mr.B got me this wonderful sled for Christmas last year and I have been loving it! Sled riding is my new (or found again) favorite type of sport for the winter months.What about you? Any favorite winter sport?





What I wore

Blouse: TK Maxx
Shoes: Hanwag
Jeans: Long Fashion
Cardigan: C&A
Leg warmers: Takko Fashion
Hat: gift from mom, Italy
Scarf: won in a giveaway last year
Necklace & Earrings: thrifted, separately


I did actually go down the hill afterwards and in this outfit ... plus a winter jacket :)



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