January 7, 2013

Happy belated Blogiversary!

Due to my stomach flu, I haven't yet managed to properly celebrate the 2nd blogiversary of this little site "A Heart and Soul Story". It is amazing how fast those two years have gone by. What started out as a research project for my Master's thesis, turned into my little outlet. I don't want to go without blogging anymore. It has been a great experience so far and this year especially has change quite some things. Sure, I am by no means a professional fashion blogger, but I feel happy with what I am doing.


During the last year I have had my first experiences with sponsors, I felt more secure about fashion photography and I started incorporating more lifestyle posts related to topics such as food, DIY and personal experiences. 

My biggest challenge has surely been the transition from student life to a fulltime working position and it has given me quite some thoughts for the blog as well. Time issues and the adjustment to this new situation have limited me in writing more posts until now. 
As a New Blog Year's resolution, I want to incorporate more creative writing and photography into the blog and also would like to see A Heart and Soul Story become more known in the bloggosphere during this upcoming year.  I am even considering changing the blog provider to give me more flexibility when it comes to layout and design. I did try to change several small things design-wise, but I am looking forward to this next year and how my ideas concerning design as well as content evolve here on the blog.

I want to use this opportunity once again to thank all of you for sticking by me, reading this blog and following me around in my adventures.


Thank you, cheers and Happy Blogiversary!!


Hope Shores said...

Congrats, Anja! I'm glad your blog has turned into something special. :)

fashionforgiants said...

Happy Blogiversary!  I didn't realize our two blogiversaries were so close.  I'm happy to know another sophomore blogger though.

Have a wonderful year 3!


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