February 26, 2013

Winter calls for comfort

When choosing a work outfit, going out in blizzard-like weather conditions is not the first thing on my mind. It had to be these past few weeks though and it definitely limited my closet to a minimum of options. It actually  always looks like this: pants (woolen slacks are preferred as they are a lot warmer), a shirt or a blouse and some kind of cardigan or sweater. On top, I wear my thick fleece sweater that I have bought with my Christmas money. Best investment ever, apart from those hiking boots that I have been wearing in the last couple winter postings. But with new snow every day and a long walk to work from the nearest train station, warmth and dry feet are key. I can only recommend investing in some great winter boots (or hiking boots - they do the trick with some warm socks) and a warm fleece jacket. I have been so careless these days about the cold as it never really bothers me. Sure those things cost quite some money (the shoes are my most expensive ones in my collection), but they have good quality.



I actually had an issue while trying to do some early Spring shoe shopping - none of those shoes worked with my new standards. Those hiking boots are extremely comfortable and it feels a bit like walking on clouds! I now just can't find shoes that feel as good as those. 


Best advice I can give you when you try to buy a pair of hiking boots: keep some space in the front and let your toes move (mine hadn't done that in a while and man did they thank me later) and take the ones that instantly feel like a second skin. No joke, mine did and even though I tried more than 30 pairs, I always went back to those and finally bought them!


What I wore

Cardigan & Ring: H&M
Necklace & Blouse: Thrifted
Pants: Long Fashion
Shoes: Hanwag
Earrings: Kalevala Jewelry, gift from Mr.B



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