March 2, 2013

Beauty Saturday - Storing my makeup

A while ago, I have shared pictures of my new dressing table here on the blog. Some might have wondered how all my makeup should fit in those two tiny drawers. No worries here, the table has one big hidden drawer under the table plate. It holds three different compartments lined with pretty striped fabric. Those three shelfs are quite big and all my makeup would roll around. 



We bought this lamp for Mr.B's shared apartment two years ago, but I had always intended it to move into my place one day :) The lamp shade is also out of stock at IKEA now. Thank goodness, I can use it now!


I bought a set of small cardboard boxes at IKEA final sale (it is actually not sold anymore now) and used them to organize my eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and other small tools. I also used the space in the far back for makeup that I use on rare occasions or during the summer such as bronzer. 




I try to keep the table free of clutter, but some decorations are more than welcome. The little candles give some nice romantic lighting in the evening and the little green plate holds my studs. I also bought a new glass to keep my brushes in check. My liquid makeup and fixing spray need to stay upright and have found a spot on one of the little drawers as well. Now we only need to solve the lighting problem!



This stool is another heirloom by my grandmother. She had wanted to get rid of it ages ago, but luckily my mom always forgot to throw it out when we visited granny!


Do you have a special way to store your makeup?


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