March 21, 2013

DIY - Storage box

When I bought my dressing table, I also needed to find a new space for my old storage box. It's a plain Ikea wooden box with 6 drawers in different sizes. I used to store my make up, nail polish and some of my rarely used jewelry in there. It always sat on top of my green dresser, but I never liked the look very much. The wooden color just didn't fit to the rest of my bedroom decorations. Still, I love the huge storage space and decided to upgrade it rather than throwing it out.


Finished look!


I decided to paint it with an off-white acrylic paint to give it a more polished look. It is made of untreated wood and has a lot of fibers sticking out. First, I wet the fronts that needed to be painted and after the water had set, the fibers really stuck out. I used sanding paper to grind off those fibers. That helps when you want a  clean surface later when adding the paint.




Sanding off the fibers is quite the dirty work and I retreated to our hallway with the boxes. 


I didn't want to paint the full box to prevent the drawers from sticking together. I used adhesive tape to fix a straight line and then added two coats of acrylic paint with a paint roller (much better than a brush as it keeps less marks). The paint is now dry, but acrylic paint smells quite a bit and we are still giving it some time to loose some of it. I don't want those gases 
in my bedroom right away. The box will most likely go back to it's old spot on top of the green dresser. We already added some felt adhesives to prevent any scratches.


Before look!

What do you think?


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