March 12, 2013

Spring Preview

We had some days of warm weather that felt almost like Spring. These wonderful days last week were over in something that felt more like a sxecond than days. I used the small window of warm weather to wear my new red wedges. 


I have been looking for red pumps for a while and finally made a great bargain with this pair. I had actually ordered some shoes online and wanted to return them to the shop. While being there, I browsed the shelves and those beauties caught my eye. They were 50% off and felt perfect the minute I put them on! Total winner! 


I paired the pumps with my red coat, a demin skirt and my super fluffy scarf. Simple, but great! I already am yearning for light and warm weather as a big cold front hit us during that same night and brought us new snow!


I am totally in love with my new shoes and can't wait for Spring to come. This was only a preview and you will probably see those beauties here on the blog a lot in the next months.



What I wore

Coat: Lindex, Finland
Skirt: C&A
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann
Ring: street market, USA
Earrings: Bijou Brigitte
Scarf: Ergora
Charm Bracelet: collected, Moomin girl gift by my friend A.


BTW: Isn't that Moomin charm adorable? Belated birthday gift by my friend A. and personally delivered from Finland!

Happy Tuesday!


fashionforgiants said...

Love the red wedges!  I can't wait to see how else you style them!

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