July 27, 2013

Beauty Saturday - Fashionista Make up

After reading this post over at Jadebluete, I was sold on the Fashionista make up that was recently bought by MUA cosmetics. They had a great sale on the MUA website and I ordered several blushes and baked eyeshadows together with two palettes that I could fill myself. They arrived savely one week after my order and I am in love. 



The blushes and eyeshadows each come in a separate black container, but they can be easily switched into the empty palettes. Each product is labeled in the back and this can be seen on the bottom of the palette for easy memory.


I bought five blushes and one bronzer. From left to right: Juicy Apricot, Flush, Glowing, New York, London and the Bronzer is Barcelona. I took London, Glowing and Barcelona with me on my trip.





Those are baked eyeshadows, but they also have wonderful mono colors. From left to right: Radiant, Stylish (the light bottom one in the palette!), Exclusive Collection, Bella. I only left Exclusive Collection at home. 


I also bought this great lip balm and tint by MUA. It's a wonderful nude color and I wore it at the wedding las weekend.

Have you had any experience with MUA or Fashionista cosmetics?


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