July 25, 2013

Closet favourites - Red

It's just my color. I have only


Prints and accessories are a great way to start with bright colors like red. When you are unsure on how to wear a new color, always try accessories first. I love to play with bags and shoes for example, but colorful rings and necklaces work wonderful as well.


This coat has started my love for the bright color 5 years ago and I am still more than happy with it today. It is one of my oldest closet staples.


As a cardigan, it works wonders for color blocking outfits in an otherwise cold, grey Winter!




I also count the color of last winter - oxblood or burgundy to the main color range of red.

Do you like to wear red? What is your favourite piece in your closet?


mark a. said...

nice! i love your "red" collection!

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