August 13, 2013

A long awaited visit to Café Vanille

This is probably the most beautiful café I have ever seen! Café Vanille is located on the fortress island Suomen Linna in the Helsinki bay. I have walked by dozens of times, but have never eaten here before. This year we finally managed to check this little beauty out.





We checked out the old fortress ruins.



What I wore

Shirt: Gina Tricot
Cardigan: C&A
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Pants: discounter, Lidl
Shades: Fielmann
Bikini: Bonprix


We also enjoyed a day at the rocky beach and got some well-deserved sun.


And here it goes, me in all my whiteness in my bikini. I know that I am not a size 6, but I feel ok in my body most of the time and I love my petrol bikini.


Mr.B was brave enough to jump into the ocean. It was freezing, he said!



mark a. said...

first off, great post! that cafe and those ruins are freakin' cool. secondly you always look so happy in your posts and it makes it fun to see where you have been! last, you look AWESOME in your bikini! the bikini is sexy and you looked VERY attractive in it! good for you for not being shy about and about NOT caring what anyone but you and your boyfriend thought! thanks for sharing!

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