September 7, 2013

Beauty Saturday - Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede

I have been extremely excited about this review. Lisa of LovelyCatification has sent me the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in 070 "Preview" from her shop LovelyCosmetics. Since the day the lipstick arrived, I wanted to try it out so badly. I could only stop myself to take pictures and swatch the color in comparison with my other lipsticks beforehand. Since then, I have given it a try and tested it during different occasions.


The packaging

A see-through plastic cover with a colored inlet that matches the color of the lip product. It closes easily with a little click. There is a little resistor point at the beginning when screwing the product in and out. I would have prefered a bit more sturdy and classic cover, maybe in matte black. The lipstick is with 12,99€ not the cheapest, but to be honest, the cover feels cheaper. Revlon has proven with the Lip Butters and others that they can design quite nice covers though and I was a bit disappointed at first. The handling is fine though.



I am not a pro at all those different make up ingrediences. I always test the product on my hand and only afterwards add them to my face to prevent any allergic reactions, but I am not checking the contents much. I know, not the best strategy, but in Germany the standards for contents are quite high. For further infos you can check this HP, if you are allergic or react quickly to some ingrediences. No guarantee from my side.


In comparison with 3 other similar shades
Left to right:
  • Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter "Cheeky Cherry" 015
  • Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm "Cherry-fy" 050
  • Catrice Lip Balm Tint LE Matchpoint "ChamPINKon" C01
  • Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede "Preview" 070



When I first applied the Revlon Suede lipstick, I was super happy with the soft feeling on my lips. The texture glides over my lips, not too wet or sticky. The product doesn't smudge or slip into little ridges or over the edge of the lips. The color is amazing! I love it. It is a mix of rosé and pink, a really beautiful dusky pink. Very pretty and wonderful with my skin color.


After about 10minutes, starting to get sticky.

Wearing comfort

During the first five minutes, the lipstick is quite wet. I was surprised as it is supposed to be a matte color, but my lips were shining and even glittering a bit. Well, this changes. Ten minutes into wearing "Preview", the color dries on the lips and feels more and more like a mask. Pressing the lips together is a no-go as it lets them really stick to each other. It actually gets a bit uncomfortable after about 15-20 minutes. When trying to drink something, the lips stick to the glass and leave a stain. I am not sure, if it was still during the drying process, but after 15 minutes I should be able to use my mouth. I was really unhappy at that point and wanted to take the product off. I decided to try something and remembered my clear Max Factor Lipfinity top coat. After adding the balm, my lips felt much better. I could wear the lipcolor for the next couple of hours. Nothing smudged, no product went into the creases of my lips. With the balm, "Preview" turned from a matte lipstick into a longlasting shiny lipcolor. I can eat with it, it even survives quite greasy food, with only a little oily film for a short moment on the lips. Drinking is no problem and even heat gives the durability no troubles. It is kissing proof as well :) After some time, I need to reapply the clear top coat, but the color stays. This does NOT work with any normal lip balm.


With the lip balm

I like the end result and I enjoy wearing it this way with my Max Factor Lipfinity top coat. Revlon promises on their website that the colorstay ultimate suede is an "ultra comfortable lipstick that provides all day colour, giving lips a velvety, suede finish that looks AND feels good!" I can't agree with this slogan, but I will get some good wear out of the product in any case. I have read a couple of reviews about different shades and I guess it is a little hit or miss here, just like with the Revlon Lip Butters. Sadly, I will need to use an extra product from a different company to wear my Ultimate Suede and won't get the matte look after all. I am still on the lookout for a similar product in matte that actually works without a balm. Any recommendations?


mark a. said...

those are good colors on you!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thanks, I have been trying to wear more lipstick these past months!It's a great accessory

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