October 8, 2013

Beauty - My Top 3 limited edition products

I am a sucker for cute beauty products. Give me a nice packaging, a good campaign and a sweet name and I am all for it. A lot of brands have been bombing the market with limited editions full of those above mentioned products and it has been hard for me to keep my hands off of those. Some purchases have been really a waste of money, but some of been holy grails in my opinion and it is even more sad that they were limited. I have been on the hunt for backups for some of those just to keep them in my collection for a longer period of time. 


Today, I want to share my top 3 of all time limited edition products with Diana of I need sunshine  and with you! Sadly, these products are not sold anymore, but maybe you can get your hands on them on ebay or kleiderkreisel or you are one of the lucky owners as well.

Meine Top 3 LE Produkte

The first one is the Catrice blush from the Hollywood Fabolous 40s LE in "Gone with the wind". This blush is one of my go-to blushes for every season. It gives me a fresh old rosy glow and has this hint of highlight through the small light freckles. You can see that I have used it quite a bit, but I hope it will still last me a long time!


The second one is the Catrice nail polish from the Siberian Call LE in "Sky and Snow". This is my perfect nail polish when I have no time for adding extra layers to my nails, but want them to look polished and chic. The polish has also been designed before the brush was changed in the Spring 2013 collection change and has been crooked ever since in all LEs and the main collection. The color leaves a nice french look with a glittering shine to it. Very suptle, but polished.


The third favourite is the Alverde anti dark circles around the eyes concealer in a rose color. The limited edition was named Universe beauty and this has totally changed my daily makeup routine. I have quite rosy skin and most concealers have been too yellow or orange for me. This one is perfect and with the aplicator, it is easy to apply. Luckily, I bought a backup, but I am afraid what will happen when they are both empty. 



I need sunshine said...

Freut mich sehr, dass du wieder dabei bist :-) Und die Catrice 40s LE fand ich auch toll, das Blush habe ich auch :-)

AHeartandSoulStory said...

dankeschön! Es macht mir immer so viel Spass, an den Top 3 postings teilzunehmen!

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