May 8, 2014

Barcelona Trip 2014 part I

Here is the first round of Barcelona photos. Sadly, I couldn't take pictures with my nice SLR, but had to rely on my scratched phone camera. Therefore the pictures are just a little faded, but it actually gives them a nice soft touch. During our 6 days there, I managed to see a lot of the main sights, but have to say that I need to go back there and take my time exploring the city a little more concerning the beautiful architecture, night life and spend a good amount of time on the beach!

Parque de la Ciudadela (city park)


Sagrada Família (Basilica designed by Gaudi)


Magic Fountain (music and light show every weekend in front of the national museum)


Montjuic mountain fortress (can be reached on foot or with the cable car)



Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (National Museum)



mark a. said...

you definitely got to see some very cool places and i appreciate you sharing it with us!

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