May 15, 2014

When the Swallows fly


Lots of swallows on my shirt and scarf and the spring just seems to fly away with them. I just hope it comes back soon! Right now, the tights are really needed! I like that look and felt very comfortable all day in it, but I would love to start also wearing lighter combinations. I am also wearing my new and beloved chubby stick "Roomiest Rose" in these pictures and I am glad I finally went for it.



What I wore

Blouse & Carigan (Bluse & Strickjacke): C&A
Skirt (Rock): Lindex
Earrings & Skirt (Ohrringe & Rock):H&M
Tights (Strumpfhosen): Esda
Necklace: NYC
Shoes (Schuhe): Deichmann
Nails: Essie


I had two visitors on my skirt while we were taking these photos!




mark a. said...

anja, your pictures always bring a smile to my face! you are fun and beautiful and i love your sense of style! this is no exception as you are looking so gorgeous in this post! love your outfit, your location and this post! have a wonderful weekend!

Steph S said...

I really love how you mixed two different bird prints! Thanks for linking up!!
xo, Steph of White Coat Wardrobe & Bethany of Perfectly Coutured

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! It's always so fun to link up with you!!Yes, the two bird prinds are a current favourite of mine. Can't get enough of it.

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