August 3, 2014

Closet Favourites - China edition

When I packed for my trip, at first I wasn't sure what I would wear the most here. I had talked to my co-worker who had done the summer course last year, but it was a little difficult to pack for me. I would have to teach in a hot and humid climate, both climatic situations are so different from Germany. I ended up packing the right things though and have worn everything that I packed so far. Of course there are some favourites. I actually packed some of my looks that I have worn prior to the trip and I would like to share them with you today.


I wore the leggins and long shirt for my flight and have been wearing all of these pieces separately since then. The kimono jacket is great when you go somewhere with airconditioning. I definitely recommend a light scarf and a thin cardigan or for travels and when you go indoors. In China, every place is airconditioned, busses, offices, schools and the constant change from hot to freezing cold gives lots of people a bad cold. Check out the full post on this look.


I left the denim jacket at home, but took the skirt, top and shoes. All of them work well here. The skirt is great for teaching as I feel dressed well and it also protects me from the airconditioning a bit. I even got several compliments on it here. Check out the full post on this look.


I took these pants with me. They are nice and light, but still cover up my legs during a day in class. Of course they look a little more laid back, but we don't have a strict dress code here. Check out the full post on this look.


This skirt and shoes also work well in China. The skirt like the one above gives coverage, but also looks nice. I wear it all the time. The shoes have gotten a little worn out, but I have bought them especially for this trip, so I am fine with leaving them here in the end. They have served me well. Check out the full post on this look.


The pants and scarf were a no brainer when I packed. The pants look chic yet feel like pj's and the scarf is pretty and thin, both points that I needed in my luggage. Check out the full post on this look.


This is actually a look that I wear when I am on a sightseeing trip with my students. t was really hot and humid there and by the end of the day, everything would be just a little sticky. A flowy shirt has been key during those outings. I might switch the jeans for thin cotton pants, but otherwise this look has been great for short trips to the mall, exploring the town or just going for a coffee during the hot afternoon hours. Check out the full post on this look.


And of course my favourite summer dress should be here. This has been my it piece and I always get compliments on it. I try not to wear it to work, but save it for special dinners or a nice meeting at a restaurant. It is probably the prettiest thing that I packed and love to wear it now and then. I am also a little scared of washing it here as I am afraid it might shrink or the machine will break it. Better play it save! Check out the full post on this look.


mark a. said...

each of those outfits looks great on you!

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