February 23, 2011

Let’s pretend it’s Spring

That’s what my mother’s flowers made me think. I should get myself a bunch of these tulips! They make the apartment look a lot friendlier in a heartbeat!

After the party last night, I really needed a bit more sleep (I think, I am getting old!) and so much work for my thesis awaited me after I woke up. My friend is on her way to New Zealand now. Good luck, girl! I hope she will not be in any earth quakes and has an amazing semester down under!

With all the work on the computer I barely made it outside for photos, but still managed to get a couple of good shots. Thanks to my lovely sister, who had just come home from work and actually only wanted to chill on the couch. Love you, Sis’!

Throughout the 30for30 remix I have fallen in love with this top. It turned out to be really versatile. You can wear it on its’ own, with a cardigan, on top of a dress, with a skirt, pants – just amazing! And it really makes an outfit look a lot fancier than it actually is! 

I can’t believe that I am at outfit 22 already. Last week was a bit tricky, I think I had the remix blues, but during the last days, even with these horrible temperatures, I felt confident with my choices. I still can’t wait for Spring anymore and I am excited to try more mixing with other outfits from my closet.

What I wore (apart from the 30x30 pieces, find these here)

Nail Polish: Fashion Nails "True Light Brown"; Sokos Helsinki
Ring: SIX; Berlin
Scarf: Market; Stockholm
Earmuffs: local bag store


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