September 6, 2011

Art love

A couple of weeks ago, when I walked home from a job interview, I found this awesome mural painted on the foot of a bridge. What a great location for a photo shoot and this weekend Mr.B. and I finally managed to re-visit the place (we were in the neighbourhood though).
I love arts and always like to find new paintings. My Tunika is another of those arty pieces. It's handmade, woven and stitched and I bought it in Brazil a couple of years ago. It's never wrong to support handicrafts. I love my mom's knitted socks and my grandma's sewing skills, nothing wrong with a little DIY. If only I was more skilled in that area.

PS: While editing those pictures I saw the matching butterflies of my shirt and the mural!




What I wore

Jeans: Long Fashion
Blouse: Bazaar; Rio de Janeiro
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Ring: Thrifted
Necklace: gift from host family
Nail Polish Fingers and Toes: Kiko




Anikasmom said...

I love your shoes!!!

Hope Shores said...

I love your scarf!! and the butterfly art on the wall. They match perfectly. :)


Savannah Hines said...

Your shirt does look perfect! What a pretty mural, there were some in my college town that I loved :) Your shoes are so pretty too!

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