September 4, 2011

Beauty Saturday - Blush

For this weekends Beauty edition, I'd like to introduce to you my new found make up love - Blush. For the last couple of years my skin has changed extremely. I now burn more easily in the sun and also have a lot of freckles. I tend to not go into direct sun that much anymore and therefore have a very fair tan. It is hard to look fresh with a light skin color and in recent months, I started wearing blush more often to have this natural fresh look in the mornings and even after long hours of work. 

My collection


clockwise from left:
Catrice powder rouge "130 Light Burgundy", Alverde powder rouge "01 Apricot", MNY powder rouge "301", P2 LE Deep water love aqua splash duo powder rouge "010 fresh apricot", Ps rose shimmer fluid rouge "010 tender rose", Essence LE Blossoms etc... fluid rouge " 01 flowerkissed", Alverde correction pearls, Essence LE Return to paradise shimmer blush, shimmer rouge 

The finish of my daily makeup


In the beginning, I didn't know how to apply it the right way, so I searched for different tutorials. With any other makeup, tutorials work for a big group of people, but blush just like hair cuts need some special focus on the facial shape. I found these great charts that helped me a lot and I hope those can also help other apply rouge the right way!

{photo source} & {photo source}

On the Essence Homepage they explain the application for

square face shapes:
To soften the angular shape, apply rouge on the sides of your face along the lower part of your cheekbones to blend towards the jaw line. gently accentuate your hairline, too. tip: shimmer is a great alternative to rouge.

round face shapes:
apply the rouge under your cheeks and gently blend upwards. also dab a tiny amount on your temples. you’ll see: your face will immediately look more oval-shaped.


Savannah said...

this is great I definitely need the help with accentuating my square face in the right ways :) And your collection of blush doesn't make me feel so bad since I have sooo many myself.

Meghan said...

I love blush too, but I only grew to love and use it in the past few years


Brianna said...

I like you're blush pointers!
I did you're survey, good luck on you're thesis!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thx so much Brianna! Glad you liked it!

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