October 3, 2011

Guest Blogger - Elsie - A Beautiful Mess

While I am off hiding behind books and my laptop to put the finishing touches on my thesis, I got some lovely ladies filling in for me here on the blog. Those women helped me doing my research. You can read more about it here.

First up is a part of the Interview I did with Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess.

Elsie Larson 1

Name Elsie Larson

Age 27
Location Springfield, MO

Why do you blog? I started out blogging just for fun and to document my everyday life. But currently my blog is a part of my business and allows me to connect with lots of women all across the world.

What’s the story behind your blog name? I'm really messy. Ha! But I like to paint and craft so my messes are usually full of bright colored paints or fabrics, glitter, pretty papers, etc. So I decided to name my blog after that idea.

Red Velvet Shop 2
{Elsie decorating the window display of Red Velvet}

How long have you been blogging? Around 6 years now.

What has changed for you since you started your blog? My job, I own my own boutique and dress line now. Also a few things in my personal life, I recently got married. :)

Elsie and Husband
{Elsie and her husband}

Do you have any goals or dreams you want to reach through your blog? I always want my blog to be a place for inspiration and teaching with fashion, art and crafts. I try to write a blog that I would love to read, and that will probably always be my goal.

Why do you focus on fashion? I love fashion! I love designing dresses for my own line and I love owning a vintage dress shop. I absolutely swoon for pretty dresses and always have. So I love to blog about fashion.

{picture of a hair tutorial}

Do you read fashion magazines? Yes. I often read Glamour, Lucky, W, Elle, Vogue and sometimes Teen Vogue. I subscribe to 4 of those and often buy random issues of the others.

Has your interest in fashion magazines changed over the course of your life? Yes. I have always liked fashion magazines but I am even more keen on what's going on in the industry since my business is part fashion-related.

Have they influenced your sense of fashion and your personal styling? Sometimes, I find a lot of inspiration from what other designers are doing. It might not necessarily change my own personal style, but it's interesting to see what others are doing.

Elsie Larson 2
{Elsie wearing one of her own designs from her Autumn collection}

Do you care about current trends? Yes. I like to see what's happening, it may not change my personal tastes, but it's always fun to see what other designers or companies are doing.

Where does your inspiration otherwise come from? Old movies, music, art work I'm into, vintage designs and old ads. I read a lot of fashion blogs and I also like to research vintage fashion trends, as I really love vintage.

What do you think of the influence of fashion blogs? I think it's awesome. I love reading fashion blogs and I think it ads a different perspective that wasn't well represented before.

Elsie outfit
{Elsie in one of her outfit posts}

Do you read other blogs? Yes. I read a lot of blogs! A few of my favorites include:

Do you think blogging is journalism or can be compared with a journalistic work? I'm sure it can be compared. I don't know if it is journalism, I think it's blogging. Which is a different way to provide content to readers.

Do you see yourself as such a blogger? Yes. Often when I first meet someone new with my husband he will introduce me as a shop owner and blogger. I think that's fitting. :)

Red Velvet Shop 1
{display in her store, Red Velvet}

Do you think new media can replace the traditional media e.g. can blogs replace fashion magazines? I don't see why it would. If a paper magazine is really good then readers will keep subscribing. I think the main thing that has changed is that there are a lot of blogs and online magazines that have really great/professional content. And it's free. So of course, there are readers interested in that. But that doesn't necessarily mean they won't be interested in old media, there's just more competition.

What is the purpose of your blog concerning your business? It's a supporting tool. My blog generates venue that helps my business pay its bills. But more importantly it helps me connect to my readers and customers. It is also a great way for me to provide something for fun that's free (entertaining/informative content) that anyone can enjoy even if they can't or don't want to shop with my business.

Red Velvet Shop Collection

How much has writing your blog influenced your business or vice versa? That's a tough question because I see them as the same. My blog is a part of my business. It's one of the things I do to support myself as an independent artist and boutique owner. So both have probably shaped each other a lot over the years. Probably in more ways that I could even say.

All pictures c/o A Beautiful Mess


AmberBlueBird83 said...

never heard of her blog before but I will be checking it out shortly. She seems like a really sweet lady and I do love her sense of fashion.

Laurel Walker said...

I love this interview, am IN LOVE with the dresses, and immediately checked out her blog. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to follow it OR even get email updates. I am interested in her line... is it only sold in her store? I'm confused! Confused but in love with Elsie's style, like, for real. 

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Hey Laurel
so glad you liked it!! I think on the top right of her blog is the RSS Feed button, if you use google reader, you should be able to follow via that, I think. Otherwise, I use Bloglovin, just type in her blogname in the search function and you should be good! I think her clothes can be found in her online store http://shopredvelvet.com/ and she sells on markets/fairs in Amerika when she goes there. Not the easiest for people outside USA, I know!! Hope this helps :)

London Last Night said...

Great interview, loved reading it! Never saw her blog before but I love it!

Last Night

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