October 5, 2011

Guest Blogger - Savannah - Joy of Living

I got some lovely ladies filling in for me here on the blog, while I am finishing my thesis. Those women helped me do my research. You can read more about it here.

Welcome, Savannah!!

Hello lovelies! I'm Savannah, from The Joy of Living.


I absolutely love Anja's thesis topic and I was thrilled to help her with her research. It was so fun to Skype with her and explore the impact blogging has had in a variety of aspects in my life.Of course the biggest impact has been on my style; and today I want to share with you some personal examples of how my style has evolved over the last 10 months of blogging.

One major change is the inspiration and ideas for new trends from other bloggers. Below are some pictures of styles I tried because I was inspired by certain bloggers.

A dress and a vest from Steffy 

Scarf Bow from Elaine

PIC three
A Modern Take on 70's Flair from Kendi

PIC four
Layering from Blair

I find the best part about being inspired from someone else is that you can put your own spin on a certain look and make it your own, depending on the event, weather, or closet. Instead of copying I like to think of it as expanding an idea or trend.

Blogging has also made me more brave and willing to try new things. My style before was really safe and although I devoured style magazines I never really tried the styles I liked.

For instance some of my first outfits below are very safe and classic with only one or two main accessories.

PIC five

Now I like to push the envelope and wear more bold items and accessories. Jazz up my hair, pile on the jewelry, wear my highest heels, pattern mix, etc.

PIC six

I started my blog on a whim and I never would've imagined how much fun I have had in the process. I love to constantly evolve my style and try new trends, find new inspiration, and add my own personal touch to the blogging world.

Thanks so much Anja for letting me be a part of your research, I absolutely loved it and had so much fun!


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