May 19, 2012

Beauty Saturday - Daily Beauty Routine

For this weeks' Fashion Beauty Friend Friday we are talking Beauty - Katy over at Modlychic has asked her fellow bloggers about our beauty routine. What we use daily and what we can’t live without. 

For my Beauty Saturdays, I have already talked about my hair and facial routine and my favorite make up (blushes, lipsticks, nail polish). But today, I want to share all the products that I really use on a daily basis. 

In the mornings, I often need a really quick shower with hot and cold water - just to wake up and get the blood circulation going. As I have pretty dry skin, all my skin care products have rich moisturizing ingrediences. My current favorites are the high nutrition shower creams by Dove. I still use body milk to moisture my skin, but will soon change to body lotion (both by Bebe). The soles of my feet are pretty dry as well and to prepare them for summer and sandal weather, I use a cream to reduce the callus on my heels by Balea.


After the shower, I clean my face with a wash cloth and the Avène Antirougeurs gentle cleaning fluid. Afterwards I use the Avène gentle toner to get rid of any oil in the T-Zone. 


To give my skin a good basis for make up, I use moisturizers for face and eyes. I am a big fan of Avène, a skin care collection that is only sold in pharmacies. I use the eye cream and rich cream with SPF 20 to protect my skin in the summer. When my skin is less dry (you know, ladies issues), I change to Bebe relaxing care day&night cream. It is less rich, but gives my skin a wonderful soft feeling.


For my hands and lips, I reach for lip balm by Bebe and Nivea cream several times a day just to keep them soft. I think, I might be addicted to lip balm :)


And to finish it off, I use Dove deodorant and Syoss hair spray to keep my hair in check. I also never leave the house without at least clear nail polish on my nails - my favorite is the nail hardener by Catrice, but they took it out of their product line.


These are the things I pretty much use every morning and can't live without, what about you?


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