July 30, 2012


Since signing my work contract, I have been planning my schedule (work starts the day after I return from vacation and that in a different city!). I also started thinking about the dresscode at work. I think it could be called smart casual. Probably I will start with more conservative outfits and lets see where that gets me. I hope that I can still incorporate my personal style and some of my beloved vintage pieces. I am glad that I won't have to wear a business suit every day. 



I will be working as a teacher and tutor in a semi-formal environment. Any tips for my wardrobe?


I already tried to match the look last week. I wore my black jeans with a long blazer and flower shirt. Could this work?



What I wore

Blazer: Sepällä, Finland
Pants: Long Fashion
Shirt: Thrifted
Ring: Bijou Brigitte
Shoes: Deichmann




Amber said...

thats a cute outfit. It always best to go conservative at first.  You dont want to ruffle anyone's feathers on the first day :)

AHeartandSoulStory said...

good advice. I am so glad, that the conservative times were over pretty soon! Now I can pretty much wear my normal close, apart from short hem lines and cleavage.

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