August 4, 2012

Beauty Saturday - vacation hair styles

I am currently on my way to Finland with Mr.B. Our first vacation together and we are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors. During summer, I sometimes hate having such long hair and I am always on the lookout for great summer hair styles. Today, I want to share some inspiration that really makes me love my long hair. Can't wait to try them all out.

Braided Hair

The girls of A Beautiful Mess have such pretty long hair and several great tutorials for braided locks. My favorites are the Maiden Braids and the Braided Crown.

A Beautiful Mess Hairstyles

Loving this hairstyle worn by Andy of Style Scrapbook - perfect for summer and not just a boring pony tail!

Style Scrapbook Hairstyle

Messy Up-Dos that look effordless

I think Keiko Lynn has perfected this look! She wears the bun like no other and it looks so much well done even though it is intentionally messy. Her tutorial is also pretty easy!

Keiko Lynn Hairstyle


Kendi has lovely hair and she wears some of my favorite looks - the messy low bun and the sock bun! A tutorial for that look can be found over at The Other Emily.

Kendi Everyday Hairstyles

Pretty Up-Do's

I really love Carrie of WishWishWish and her Beehive has saved me last summer when I attended a wedding in 30 degrees in Finland. I love that look and it fits so well with casual outfits and fancy looks. She even made a really simple tutorial, which I used as well.

WishWishWish - Carrie

And for a more retro inspired look, I can only recommend Casey of Elegant Musings. She always wears such great hairstyles and has more than a dozen video tutorials. My favorite, which I still have to try is the 40's working girl hairstyle.

Elegant Musings Hairstyle

Do you have a favorite styling for the summer months?


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