January 11, 2013

Go-to Winter Work Outfit

During the winter season it is quite hard for me to wear totally different outfits each day. I have built a bit of a go-to look during these past few weeks and it seems I just can't break out of this neverending cycle. Black or grey slacks every day with a shirt or blouse and a cardigan.


Today, it started snowing again and now I have even less opportunities in my closet that will keep me warm and comfortable the entire day and let me be flexible enough for my full work day. I admire other women, who wear short skirts and dresses every day even with minus degrees and snow storms. Wait - that was me just one year ago! It seems student life was a lot less stressful and I was able to handle the cold a lot better. Or I was just younger :)


Probably I need to start pre-planning my outfits in the evening again. Maybe then I come up with some other combinations. One point on my list for 2013 is to clean out my closet and build a working closet with classic pieces and timeless staples. Then I will fill the holes with new things that I really need. One word - shopping!




What I wore

Wool Pants: Long Fashion
Cardigan: H&M
Blouse: C&A
Scarf: gift from mom, Turkey
shoes: Deichmann
Earrings: Christmas gift from Mr.B, Kalevala jewelry
Ring: Kalevala jewelry
Watch: Fossil


Do you have a go-to outfit that makes you feel comfortable every day?


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