June 16, 2013

Rock'n'Roll all night ... and party in Berlin!

I love Rock music. It's been in my blood, I think. My dad and mom have always listened to Rock'n'Roll and Rock music. I have come across KISS duirng one of my first visits to a fleamarket at age 13 and I bought my first album - KISS Killers. I listened to it night and day and have loved the band ever since. In 2010, I visited my first KISS concert  together with my dad. It was awesome, one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Last wednesday, the men in masks came to Germany for their 40th year anniversary and only played one show in our country. We just had to see them again and travelled to Berlin to see them live at the open air stage Waldb├╝hne.


Me and two fans dressed as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.




The concert was awesome once again - ectreme pyrotechniques, cool sound (and soooo loud!) and what an athmosphere with 22 000 crazy members of the KISS ARMY.




It is amazing what a show these 4 guys can still bring to the stage after 40 years. I mean, they are quite old (no offense here) and it must be pretty harsh to do shows like this on a regular basis. I am inspired by their passion for their music and what they are doing for their fans. Thank you, KISS, you are truly my childhood heroes and you still inspire me today! Keep on rockin'!



I hope that we can see another of their shows in the future, but it probably doesn't get any better than this. Listening to their music and seeing them live will still be fun in any case!


Have you ever seen KISS live? Or do you have other musical idols from your youth that still inspire you today?


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